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FHM Schwerin

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  • Adult Education
  • Blended and e-learning
  • Business Management, Administration and HR
  • Education Development
  • Education Management
  • Employment and labour market policy
  • Higher Education
  • Marketing, PR and Media
  • Project and Quality Management
  • Recognition / Accreditation of Learning (ECVET)
  • Tourism, Sport and Leisure
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)

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  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) learners
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  • Adults
  • Higher education / university teachers
  • Adult education teachers/trainers
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) teachers/trainers
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  • SMEs
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Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) is a private, non-profit and state-approved University of Applied Sciences. FHM has been founded in 2000 by medium-sized enterprises and educational institutions. Since then it has developed into one of the most successful private universities in Germany and established itself as a reliable partner of medium-sized enterprises.


FHM’s goal is to provide students with necessary theoretical and hands-on skills for their later business career. The FHM educates young, talented managerial candidates. At present there are more than 4.000 students studying on several degree programmes with an individual study organization in small elite learning groups up to 40 students. The central campus of the FHM is located in the centre of Bielefeld. In addition to the central campus there are six further locations in Cologne, Pulheim, Hannover, Rostock, Schwerin and Bamberg.


There are additional locations in Hanover and Munich through FHM’s Institutes for Scientific Further Education (IWW). In addition, we also run the Institute for SME in Lippe, located in Detmold and a German-Asian SME Institute (DAMI) in Suzhou, China.


We focus on applied research and practical economic research as a partner of the SME. Based on this general principle the FHM is involved in scientific studies and research projects aimed at those fields which have a particular relevance for SME companies or are of particular, direct use for SME companies. The transfer of know-how from the campus to industry is assured through publications from the FHM publishing house or external educational publishing houses, through open workshops, congresses and further education seminars.

The Science Council of the Republic of Germany recognised FHM, as part of its assessment process for institutional accreditation in July 2007, for its impressive performance in the field of applied research.

Expertise, experience and responsibilities in relation to EU project management and implementation

The profile of Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) is versatile, yet can be described in a simplified way as service provider in the field of tourism, SMEs and HR Management. Especially in our last two projects which we have led throughout their development, we focused on current problems in the tourism sector and tried to overcome these situations. In case of CUBITUS, we established a University-Business Cooperation model to increase exchange on an international, as well as intra-organisational level with reference to the senior tourism market. Together with our international partners we were searching for one way to help SMEs adapting to the target group in offering individual strategies.
Best Boss, another Erasmus+ project we lead, concentrated on the skilled worker shortage as well as the missing business successors within tourism industry. Although this is a leading economic sector, SMEs struggle to find appropriate successors for their long established companies. When conducting a European Survey we collected expectations and demands of current leaders to enable the comparison with skills and personality traits of current applicants. We established an online tool that helps finding the right successor for the suitable company.
As partners in several other Erasmus+ programs, we further develop one of our strengths: competence measuring and guidance within HR processes and SME management in general. Supported by different institutes of FHM, we are able to provide substantiated knowledge and best practices in adult education, Vocational Education Training (VET) or leadership skills.
Therefore, main tasks were and also will be the development of curriculums or handbooks / guidelines, conceptual work for seminars or workshops in different areas, project management in all its facets and a comprehensive network of SMEs all over Germany thanks to the different locations of FHM. We are looking forward to deepen our experience further on and to share with others!
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Top 3 projects

Assessment Procedure for Micro and Small Sized Enterprises Successors in Tourism Industry / BestBoss

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    Erasmus +
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Curriculum for Sustainable University Business Cooperation in the Tourism Sector / CUBITUS

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    Erasmus +
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What kinds of transnational cooperation with other partners would your organisation like to participate in?

As the Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) provides a comprehensive network throughout Germany thanks to seven locations, we also focus each campus on an individual research topic. Supported by different institutes belonging to FHM, we are able to offer expertise in adult education, Vocational Education Training (VET), competence measurement systems or SME leadership and management. We already conducted several Erasmus+ projects within such topics, always concentrating on a special economic sector. Due to this, we are always trying to further expand our network, especially on an international level. We are always glad to share knowledge commonly, throughout different types of organisations and different countries. This is the main advantage we see in conducting international projects: every side benefits from new achievements and solutions that have been found together.
Like this, we are eager to getting to know people who are interested in the same professional fields as we are. People, who are equally driven by curiosity and the claim to improve and overcome problems we are facing economically. So far, we have been cooperating with Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Colleges, Universities, Tourism Agencies, hotels or institutes all over Europe. Like this, we are always increasing our network and can provide even more knowledge throughout several projects. FHM is a University of Applied Sciences with the intention to truly connect theory and practice in form of actually applicable business solutions. For this reason, we are looking forward to working together with you!

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