Smart Engineering - survey on learning needs and onsultancy of Europe's SMEs

Smart Engineering - survey on learning needs and onsultancy of Europe's SMEs

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    Research and analysis report
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Area of activity

  • Business Management, Administration and HR
  • Civil Engineering
  • Consulting and Business Support Services
  • Enterprise and Industry
  • Information Technology and Communication
  • Research and Innovation

Target group

  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) learners
  • Higher education / university teachers
  • Entrepreneurs / management
  • Representatives of social partners (unions, chambers, interest organisations)

Smart Industry is a new phenomenon of the 21st Century. The them brings both, risks and chances to the protagonists involved. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which are the backbone of Europe’s economy, need to adapt their structures, processes and organizational behavior to meet the challenges related to Smart Industry. The Knowledge Alliance project “SMeART” implemented a survey within 257 SMEs all over Europe to ask about their needs for learning and demands for consultancy in this field. The result and outcomes are not only very interesting, the also build the basis for an innovative university business cooperation model which will be developed in the next project phase. For more information have a look at this report and also visit; you are welcome to contact any of the project part listed there.

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