SIDE Blended Learning Model EN

SIDE Blended Learning Model EN

Area of activity

  • Blended and e-learning
  • Special Needs Education

Target group

  • Special needs learners
  • Special needs teachers
  • Persons with physical disabilities

A handbook for trainers including guidelines for implementation and training materials for Deaf Youth empowerment training in relation to job search and visual arts.

Full description

The model for blended learning addressed to deaf youth includes “real” non formal training activities and “virtual” training activities based on professional didactic modules developed through PowerPoint presentations, handouts and videos in sign language in a virtual learning environment. Through the virtual learning they can acquire specific professional competences to valorize their attitudes and have more possibilities for accessing to job opportunities.
The distance learning part of the curricula has been implemented through the Moodle platform, putting at disposal specific learning video-modules ICT based.

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  • Auxilium
  • Austria

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registered: 29.03.2019