Advertising on E.N.T.E.R will spread your message to the whole of Europe! one of the leading online networks for the EU project community, currently with over 900 members from a wide variety of different sectors, for example in education and training providers, SMEs, public authorities, not for profit organisations and regional development agencies. 

This dynamic and living European-wide online community consists of individuals and organisations who actively communicate information about EU funded projects and their outcomes, who promote their expertise in implementing EU projects, and who want to develop new partnerships with other organisations.

This makes E.N.T.E.R an ideal platform for reaching this specialist group of people right across Europe and beyond to promote relevant products and services directly to them.

Your advert will be displayed in a prominent position on the homepage as well as on many other key pages.

User statistics

Here is an overview of traffic levels that the E.N.T.E.R. website enjoys: 
Average visitors per month 9,394
Average hits per month 120,865

Advert format and cost

Your advert will be displayed for three months on the homepage, as well as on all main entity pages (News, Events,, Projects, Members, EU Project Experts) and on all search result pages.

The advert needs to be a JPG, PNG, GIF or SWF file. The width must 160 pixels and height can be up to a maximum of 600 pixels.

Price: €1,400 + VAT to display one advert for a three month period.

The website can host up to four adverts at any one time. Each one is displayed randomly on every page load. The advert image can then be  linked to an external website.

Advert position

Contact us

We would be delighted to work with you and promote your products and services to our members and users.
To discuss further please contact:

Petra Kampf, Network Coordinator
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